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The Belfast Telegraph 1st March 2014 said

She is discreet, though, when I pressed her for more information about her famous clientele. "Let's just say I've done readings for loads of celebrities and they were happy", she says diplomatically.

Mark Hamilton, Ash's bass player openly vouched for her saying "I would have said I was sceptical before I met her, but she's always been completely spot-on and when she gives you so much specific information it's hard not to be convinced that she really has something. She's told me about operations people have had in the family, things she could never have known.

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International Psychic Medium


I had the privilege of being trained by Sharon Neill of Belfast.

Sharon has been blind from birth, and communicating with spirit since the tender age of five

I believe that Spirit are upgrading communication from analog to digital. Sharon's method of training dispels a great deal of confusion undergone with spiritual communication. I believe all of us have the ability to communicate on a spiritual level; the choice lies with us on how far we take that ability.

My goal along with Sharon's is to open up spiritual communication for all, by passing on the knowledge we have received from spirit.

The Belfast Telegraph says about her

'Sharon Neill has the unique gift of being able to communicate with the spirits of people who have passed over. This has brought much happiness and comfort to the people left behind”.

Sharon is very welcoming and relaxed which gives you the opportunity to relax. Most people get up tight and nervous. There is nothing to be nervous about as she has such a relaxed personality and you are able to unwind while she does the reading. I was so relaxed on Wednesday when I went to see her for the 4th time now in a few years I was nearly falling asleep LOL as that is what comes over you with her relaxed and chilled. AAAAAAAAAAAA star to me.

Watch Sharon Neill's Show in Strabane 2010

 - "Sharon Neill is most insightful! And incredibly down to earth!! :) she doesn't take any prisoners. lol! I enjoyed it and will recommend her to anyone and everyone!!". I truly mean that and look forward to hopefully teaching Reflexology along side you, if the opportunity does present itself :) Thanks for the reading and opportunity, Cormac
Ballygally Castle Q Radio Network

Sharon Neill with Mike Hirons founder Paranormal Ulster and Q Radio Network's Bryan Gallagher

At Ballygally Castle Hotel on 30th October 2012

Thanks for a great experience. I will definitely be back again and recommend you to friends and family. Anne

Sharon Neill ssct  Patrick Carberry and Quintin Smith Medium & Healer.
Attending the Spirit-Qest psychic weekend in Weston Super Mare

The Observer

Sunday 20 July 2003

Sharon Neill is a celebrity psychic in Ireland, with the ability to draw audiences of 2,000 to her live shows, numerous radio and television appearances on her CV and a list of private clients that includes Van Morrison, Ash and Coldplay.

Sharon Neill's accuracy in so many cases has unravelled the arguments of many a sceptic.

Her blindness (caused by being deprived of oxygen when she was born three months premature), combined with a natural candor, warmth and humor, gives Neill little use for the theatrical trappings often associated with variety-show spiritualists of the kind characterized by Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost. There are no velvet drapes, lowered lights or candles; neither does she deck herself out in flowing robes or tinkling garlands of crystals. She is a robust woman with cropped hair, refreshingly free of New Age jargon and cheerfully liberal with what the BBC calls 'strong language'.


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