Sharon Neill

A little about Sharon's life

Mum led me over to Gran's coffin. I ran my hands over her face, feeling her kind features for the last time. I'd never touched a dead person before, but I wanted to make sure I remembered what she looked like.
I was 14, had been blind since birth and was used to 'seeing' people through touch.
Two years later, I traveled from Ireland to England to go to a college for the blind. One night, while studying, I heard an unmistakable voice.
'Sharon, I just want you to know, you'll pass your assessment, so don't worry.'
Granny!? It couldn't be - she'd been dead for years!
Then I saw Gran. Really saw her. I'd been blind all my life, but now I knew what Granny looked like. She was in front of me.

What the...? 'Let the family know that I'm OK and I'm happy,' she said.
I watched her smile the kind smile I'd only ever felt with my fingers.
'OK, Granny, but am I imagining you because I'm under too much pressure?' She smiled again. 'I'm here, otherwise you wouldn't be able to see me.'
Well, it was a kind of logic, I suppose...
I told Mum what had happened. Described the striped dress Granny had worn, the colour of her eyes, things I couldn't have known because I'd never seen her.

'You've got her down to a T,' Mum gasped. 'How on earth did you know?'
But it wasn't the first time odd things had happened to me. When I was little I'd wake up at night and hear people talking to me - people who weren't there.
At school, I'd always known things about people - if someone's relative was sick, or teachers had been arguing. I knew it was odd, but I didn't think it was spooky. I didn't even know what a medium was until I was 17. I'd started yoga classes...

'How long have you been practicing?' asked my yoga teacher. I was chuffed she thought I was so fit. 'I've never done yoga before,' I said.

'No,' she said. 'Not yoga. I mean how long have you been a medium?' I still didn't get it. 'I'm
not a medium, I'm a size-10,' I insisted.


Since those days Sharon Neill has traveled form her home town of Belfast around the world.

Sharon has made a name for herself as one of the worlds top psychics. Sharon gives face to face psychic readings, psychic readings by telephone and even email regularly receiving email readings from Japan as one of her shows has been on state TV for the third time.

Uk and Ireland's only professional blind psychic Sharon Neill is well known around the world.

Sharon is well known for her tarot cards in bail and the way she works with her TEAM (that is the team of spirits that work closely with Sharon).

Having just returned from The International Psychic Challenge Ukraine
Sharon and her colleague Patrick was removed from the program to take part in a murder investigation.



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