Sharon Neill

International Blind Psychic

Sharon Neill

international celebrity psychic based in Ireland, with the ability to draw audiences of 2,000 to her live shows
Sharon has numerous radio and television appearances on her CV.
With a list of private clients that includes
Van Morrison, Ash and C
Sharon Neill
Mysteries of Spirit Evening

Book a Mysteries of Spirit Evening
Min. six people.
We will run a mini Workshop.
covering a variety of topics connecting with yourself and the Spirit would.
as each person is given a personal reading

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Soaps, Dreamcatchers, Gifts, incense
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Blind from birth, Sharon has practiced clairvoyance for many years and has been featured on many TV programs throughout the world.

TV programs in France and Japan have brought Sharon international fame, with telephone reading from France Japan USA Australia and West Indies to name but a few

A Film was also made in Japan with actors taking the part of Sharon.

Sharon has Just returned from Ukraine in April 2014 after taking part in
International Psychic Challenge
and also
Ukraine's Psychic Investigation

 Sharon Neill offers:

Face to face Psychic Readings

Telephone Psychic Readings

Tutoring in psychic awareness
Psychic investigations
much much more

Sharon Neill and her friend Patrick Carberry entered the International Psychic Challenge season 13 in Ukraine on TV channel STB.

Psychic's from all over the world came together to compete. Finishing number 7 in the world Sharon with Patrick number 8 were removed from the program to take part in murder and other cases in a program call Psychic Investigation also in Ukraine.

Sharon is pictured here beside Patrick left with some of the other contestants.

ukraine 1
A published author

Sharon Neill Second Sight

Her Book Second Sight gives an insight into the UK and Ireland's only Professional Blind psychic based in Belfast.
Follow Sharon Neill through her life as she becomes one of the worlds leading psychics.

Sharon also introduces members of the spirit world that help her daily

Second Sight
Sharon's friend and colleague
international Celtic Shaman/Psychic Patrick Carberry

I have been trained by Sharon Neill and have found the training Sharon gives is easy to understand and follow.

Sharon helped me to start my own business
without her experience and knowledge of the spirit world I wouldn't be in the position I am in today.
World's Number 8
Ukraine International Psychic Challenge
Season 13

 Animal Communication / Soul Reading / Past Life / Holistic Massage and Shamanic Healing

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